Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big News!

Good Morning! It's been a relaxing Thursday morning for me. I work at 11 but I decided to take this morning off from exercising. I'm feeling pretty sore from earlier workouts this week. I am hoping to make it to yoga after work and then run, but it all depends on my evening plans. My mom and sister are going to the mall- she's having her high school senior pictures taken tomorrow- and I might tag along. I don't have much desire to go, but it's always nice to shop with moms ;)

For breakfast I had coffee and swiss oats. I made this by soaking the oats overnight with soy milk, cinnamon, dried cherries, and pecans. In the morning I mix it with low fat plain yogurt and banana slices. This is such a great breakfast during the summer. It's filling, yet cool and light.

For lunch I packed leftovers from Monday night's Caramelized Tofu with brown rice, pecans and broccoli. I can't wait to dig-in!

My snacks throughout the day include: baby carrots, plain yogurt, 2 pluots (plum-apricot hybrid), and a banana cookie lara bar. I'm not sure if I'll eat all of the snacks but I want to be prepared if hunger strikes, especially if I go to the mall.


I was offered a full-time job working as a weightloss consultant at a local clinic!!!!! I won't know full details until my training starts August 4th, but after meeting with the director I can say I am excited! This company seems to have a great philosophy on food and weightloss, taking a lifestyle approach to health and wellness as opposed to a quick-fix diet. When I know more, I'll share details with you all! I cannot wait to start!

This has been a very hot and humid week here in Minnesota. Today is no exception. We're expecting storms today and I would guess sooner than later since the sky is already dark. I guess it's a good day to be working inside a coffee shop! Have a wonderful Thursday!


Jenn said...

That's HUGE news - CONGRATULATIONS! Do you have a wellness certificate? If so, where did you get it from. I'm really interested in pursuing the program. Sorry if you've already said before - but I would LOVE your job, so I am super excited for you!

VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, Larabars and pluots - love 'em both!!

What a fabulous new job!!! Congratulations, Mon!!! Enjoy :0)

Anonymous said...

Your bowl of swiss oats looks amazing, I love the texture of it, wow.

But more importantly, CONGRATS on the job! That sounds like such an awesome one, I would love to do work like that someday. I'm with Jenn in my questions, what kind of qualitifications and such did you need to get that job?

Becca said...

Thats great news Monica! Congrats! I know you'll do great!

Monica said...

Thanks everyone!!

Jenn & Kristie- Although I am taking nutrition classes and plan to pursue a a higher degree in nutrition, I currently do not have a degree or certification. The company that I will be working for did not require a nutrition degree. My B.A. in Psych and passion for nutrition must have been enough for them :) This was one of the few jobs in the field that I found that did not require a nutrition degree. There is an intensive training the first week and half so I'm sure I will learn a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job offer Monica! That is so exciting!!! Your broccoli and tofu also looks AMAZING! And I love your swimsuit from your last post! It is SO cute!! (And I'm super picky!)
Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

John said...

Gosh, I thought that tofu was chicken. Fooled me.

Ashley said...

omg that is so awesome! hope it works out and definitely let us know more- I'd definitely love to do that!

linds said...

wow- congrats on the job!!!!! That is so awesome!!!! You will be so good in that position and probably have a ton of fun too :)

Danielle said...

CONGRATS! That certainly sounds like an amazing opportunity, you deserve it!