Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Happy Humpday! (I realize it's almost Thursday but I began this post this morning).I really wish my posts weren't so random and sporadic. I haven't had the greatest time management lately and I've also been having camera issues. Hopefully soon I can return to posting my daily meals on a regular basis! This morning I met with my trainer at 8 for a leg-focused workout. Monday was arm-focused so today was my lower body's turn to work for an hour. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I'm sure I'll be feeling my legs later! It's been 8 weeks since I started training with him and I have noticed such a huge difference in my strength. Before I left I had a few extra minutes so I sipped on half a cup of coffee and a slice of Veganomicon's Lower-fat Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. I made this fantastic loaf yesterday and I couldn't wait to try it. I added way more mini chips than I needed, but it's okay because you can never have too much chocolate!

My post-workout breakfast was a protein packed Blueberry Peach Banana smoothie. I have been addicted to these lately. When I make these as a meal, as opposed to a snack,  I use a cup of 1% milk, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen peaches, and 1 scoop of Kashi Go Lean! vanilla protein powder. Sometimes I'll add ice to give it more volume. The combo of the milk + protein seems to fill me up for hours. Today however, I was hungry within 2 hours. 

For lunch I made one of my favorite fun dishes- Quinoa & Bean Pilaf. I like to mix it up, so each time I make it is new. Last night I used Inca Red Quinoa, which I cooked in vegetable stock. To the cooked quinoa I added a chopped yellow bell pepper, half a zucchini, scallions, tomatoes, cannelli beans, cashews, and feta cheese. I tossed the colorful salad with Seeds of Change Organic Greek Feta dressing. I had this for dinner last night, but it was even better today. 

Work was pretty steady all day so it went by fast. After Friday, I'll only have 1 week left there. It's bittersweet but I can't wait to begin my new job!! I tried a new bar this afternoon, a Fiber One Oats & Apple Streusel

I've had the oats & chocolate flavor before, but I was excited to try this one. This flavor was fine but I like the chocolate better. Overall I still prefer <3>

I have been starving all day for some reason. My meals have not satisfied me today! I got started on dinner pretty early. I chose to make Mango Jalapeno Shrimp from the current issues of Everyday with Rachel Ray. It came out great as a light and refreshing summer night dinner. I had mine taco style with 2 corn tortillas and a little avocado. Yum-o!

Since I had dinner pretty early I'll probably need a snack or dessert later on!



VeggieGirl said...

That is the ONLY banana bread recipe that I'll use - it's so fantastic, isn't it?? Especially when you add chocolate, fruits, nuts, etc. Yum! :0)

Anonymous said...

Those never feeling satisfied days are so annoying eh? Looks like you ate some awesome foods though to try to get rid of the never-ending hunger. That chocolate chip packed banana bread looks amaaazing!

Jenn said...

That banana chocolate chip bread looks insanely good! I really need to pick up that cookbook because I love banana bread and everyone swears by that recipe!

And Mango Jalapeno Shrimp? I'm sold. YUM-O is right ;o)You are one good cook!

Anonymous said...

Monica! I have tried to leave this comment about 4 times and wordpress kept saying I wasn't logged in blah blah blah... ANYWAYS, what I've been trying to write...is just how delicious and lovely your tropical shrimp sound and how much I adore those light tropical seafood type meals...especially in the summer time!

Happy Thursday!!

Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) said...

I love the color of your smoothie -so pretty!

Becca said...

I had the same kind of day with not feeling satisfied! So annoying!

Yum, your bread makes me want to make some banana bread...no overripe bananas though :(

Anonymous said...

that smoothie looks so pretty... peach & blueberries - yummy combo!

Heather said...


That quinoa and bean salad looks very yummy. My boyfriend and I are going meatless for thirty days and that is definitely the kind of thing I could eat! If you have any other favorite vegetarian meals/snacks, please check out our new blog and let us know.

Also, I would like some of that banana bread now, please.

Heather @ www.hangrypants.com

Anonymous said...

hey! i added you to my blogroll, i read your "about me," and i really appreciate the courage to share your personal journey towards healthy living. great blog!

Erica said...

That Quinoa looks delicious! I have never tried quinoa (I know crazy), but I am trying to make it next week and I am excited!!

Anonymous said...

that smoothie looks so good! :)