Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Busy Day!

I am exhausted and ready for bed!

I spent the majority of the day running errands for the event and assembling marketing bags. While at the grocery store this morning, I bought a new item for lunch- Matthew's Veggie Vegan Burrito. This burrito contains black beans, wild rice, carrots and spices in a cilantro tortilla. I really liked it but I didn't really get to enjoy it. I had bites of it in between stuffing bags. I'll have to keep a few of these in the freezer for quick lunches/dinners. There was still a lot to do but I had to meet with my trainer, John, at three. I ate half of an apple pie lara bar, good, my favorite flavor!  After weight training, I ran a comfortable 6 miles. The weather outside was hot and humid and apparently so was the gym. I felt very gross afterwards so I took a cool shower in the locker room. The other half of the lara bar was eaten along with a smoothie from my gym's cafe- banana, pb and soy milk. 

I came home to bake more cookies and another cake. Unfortunately the cake from this morning didn't turn out. The cake tasted bland, it was dense, and undercooked. This one turned out beautifully though!  I'll post a pic once it's decorated too. 

My appetite has been odd today. I haven't felt truly hungry, rather, I just ate to fuel my body. The last few days I've also been feeling sick right after I eat. Around 9 I made a salad for a light dinner. 

This salad had mixed lettuce, spinach, carrots, shredded cabbage, cauliflower, red bell pepper, cucumbers, beans, and brown rice with italian dressing. About 10 minutes after I ate, I felt sick to my stomach. So weird. 

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post the next few days. I have a crazy busy schedule starting tomorrow at 7 am! I'll make sure to have recaps though. Have a great weekend!!


Jenn said...

That cake looks great! I hope you feel better and have a wonderful time the next few days! :o)

ashley said...

Ugh. I have those days, too. I hope you feel better today!

The cake does look great. Did you put those swirls in yourself?

Melissa's Journey said...

So weird! I can honestly say I don't ever think I've felt like that - sometimes I wish I would though because I ALWAYS feel like eating :( I hope you feel better though!

The cake looks nummy!

Monica said...

Jenn- thanks! you too :)

Ashley- Thanks. I made the cake from scratch- i poured the chocolate batter over the white and then swirled it with a knife. this is the underside. The top side has a lot more chocolate!

Melissa- Lately it's been happening more often, I don't know why!

VeggieGirl said...

The cake!!! Gorgeous!!

Feel better so that you can enjoy your Friday!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Monica- I hope your stomach feels better soon! Nothing is worse than not beting able to enjoy your meals.
Thanks so much for your kind words, and please do feel free to include me on your links! Happy weekend!

Danielle said...

I hope you can enjoy your Friday soon! I just wanted to leave a quick "see you later" since I'm leaving to go abroad tomorrow and I'm not sure when I'll be able to return to the blogosphere. Thanks for reading my blog before it gets interesting and I wish you the best in the mean time! :)

chandra said...

The heat/humidity could be to blame for you stomach weirdness. I know when it gets hot and humid I get less of an appetite, even if I am in air conditioning all day.

Hope all is well in MN! :)

Becca said...

Glad the cake turned out well and hope your tummy is feeling better!