Friday, June 6, 2008

New Recipe + New Obsession

I thought about making a quick salad for lunch- but that's boring. I came up with a quick and easy recipe for Quinoa Bean Pilaf. I tossed the cooked quinoa with beans and veggies, in a lemony herb dressing. 

Although this was good, I think it will taste even better later once all of the flavors have marinated in the fridge. I can't wait for leftovers! I decided to have dessert after my lunch because of the strong dressing flavor in my mouth. My new obsession is mango-vanilla soy ice cream from Trader Joe's. Holy yum-o!! Yes, it has added sugar, but I didn't have soy yogurt today so it evens out. Plus, it keeps me motivated ;)

I actually went back for more after I finished this. Now I'm torn between continuing to study or going to the gym. My body says run, my head says study, my eyes say nap. Sadly, caffeine could easily give me motivation for the first two things.  The lack of caffeine is hard. Today is the first day I don't have a withdrawal headache, yet I don't feel quite alert. Feeling lethargic is a result of caffeine withdrawal, but I hope it goes away soon!


VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, the pilaf and the mango-vanilla ice 'cream' look fantastic!

Becca said...

Hang in there! I'm sure the caffeine withdrawal will pass soon! Lunch looks great!

Ashley said...

The ice cream does look yummy :-) And hope the caffeine withdrawls go away soon- just think it means your body is cleansing so that's a good thing!

Kath (a diff one) said...

Thanks so much for posting the dressing recipe! I am excited to try it. What type of vinegar is the "regular" italian dressing pictured with.

Caffeine headaches are the worst!

Amy said...

Hi, I have two questions.

During the school year I find that when studying I am so bored that I constantly want things to suck on (candies) or gum, pop, etc. I know hot tea is good to drink, but ecspecially in the summer during summer school hot tea is not appealing. How do you prevent study boredom snacking? It's not even real food I snack on as much as candies, drinks, etc. Any suggestions?

My second question is I love oatmeal like you. But it takes so long to cook in an already rushed morning. How during the work week and school year do you fit the time in?

Monica said...

Kath- I think I used apple cider vinegar with the regular dressing! I hope you like it!

Amy- Right now I'm taking a nutrition class so I find it really interesting (nerd) so I usually don't need a snack as I'm not bored. Try eating a fiber-filled snack (fruit with nut butter, veggies with hummus, nuts, etc) right before you study so that you aren't hungry and maybe that will keep you from wanting to eat. I find is my stomach is full, I don't think about food as much! Otherwise, gum and sugar free candies are good as long as you don't mind artificial sweeteners.

As for the oatmeal, try cooking it the night before and just reheating it in the morning to save time!