Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super Charged Cookies & Spicy Dinner

Something I love about June in Minnesota is that the sun is just beginning to set at 9 pm. It throws me off schedule because I never realize how late it is. The late sunset tricks my mind! But I love it. 

I decided to bake more Super Charge Me! cookies after lunch. It seems my family liked my no added sugar, gluten-free modified version. They are all gone and I ate maybe 2! The batch I made today is even better. Note, these are not gluten-free (used spelt flour), and they do contain added sugar (maple syrup and molasses). 

-Dates instead of raisins
-Orange Zest
-Mini semisweet choc chips
-Molasses instead of oil

I calculated each nutrient packed cookie at about 150 calories. Instead of a dessert type cookie, I like to think of these cookies as snacks. 

My workout felt extra tough today. I felt stronger today lifting weights, but I also felt out of breath more often than usual. I was ready to go home after an hour long strength session, but I forced myself to run for half an hour. I have to keep reminding myself that I have 1.5 more weeks to push myself running-wise. After my race I can choose to take a break!

Post workout Super Charge Me! cookie and an orange. The orange zest in the cookie left me craving a fresh juicy orange. Sadly, this orange was rather dry and bland. 

My friend (and fellow bridesmaid) came to pick me up at 7 to get our dresses altered for the wedding. I realized I needed to eat beforehand, or I would feel sick. I needed something super quick though. I forgot I had another serving of Trader Joe's Lentil Rice Biryani in the fridge. I heated it up and added extra brown rice for more volume. I really like this. I think when I reviewed it last week, I said I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. Actually, I think I will buy this again to have on hand for  a quick meal. It's quite spicy though. I love spicy food, but beware this is hot!

Unfortunately the tailor closes at 6. My friend was rather disappointed since she works downtown Minneapolis and doesn't even get home until after 6. I'm going to go in tomorrow morning and talk to the lady. We're getting nervous since the wedding is only 2.5 weeks away!

I'm off to relax and start unwinding for the night. Looks like tomorrow will be another busy day. I have to help my parents out at their office after the tailor. They are having an event this weekend, and need help with some errands and planning related things. Then I have to work tomorrow night at Sati. Somewhere in there I have to fit in a long run as well. 


Jenn said...

Mmm those cookies look so good!!

I miss my June in Minnesota :o( I'm glad that you are enjoying it though!!

Anonymous said...

i am the same way w/ never realizing the time in summer, it always seems so much earlier than what it really is b/c of the sun still being around :)

those cookies are definitely "snacks"... much healthier than traditional cookies!!!

have a great day!

Kristin said...

I am WAY too addicted to supercharge me cookies! I just finished my last batch, and it's taking sooo much not to throw in another batch immediately! I mean, delicious cookies that are healthy too? What could be better?? =)