Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back on Track

What a gorgeous day we had here in the Twin Cities. 

The morning started out not so nice, hence my morning bowl of hot oatmeal. But by mid-morning the sky opened up and not a cloud was to be seen. Even though I had scheduled a strength training session at my gym, I wanted to go on a short run. My workout was scheduled over the lunch hour so I knew I needed something to hold me over. Before my run I had half of an Apple Pie Lara Bar. I LOVED this flavor. The only other ones I have tried are Cashew Cookie and Cherry Pie. I think Apple Pie might be my favorite so far...

The run was pretty quick, about 20 minutes, as I didn't want to fatigue my muscles. I felt good to be running again. I think it was a good idea for me to take a mini break from running because I was starting to feel burned out with all the training I've been doing. I thought about canceling my weight training session because the day was so beautiful. I'm glad I did go because I got an intense strength workout. My trainer said he was impressed by my ability considering I don't lift often. I can thank running for building my endurance. I had a slight disappointment at the end of the session. I've gained five pounds since the beginning of March. My body fat has decreased so I know it's muscle, but I still don't like seeing that number increase. I decided to sign up for more sessions with him. Not only will it help me build muscle and become more comfortable with weight training, but it will benefit my running as well. After filling out a bunch of paperwork I left and had the other half of the lara bar. The half from before my run fueled me for 2.5 hours. I wasn't even that hungry for lunch. 

I enjoyed a salad and my leftover pizza while sitting outside in the sunshine. My salad consisted of spring mix, broccoli slaw, and tomato. I splashed fig infused white balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper, and tiny drizzle of olive oil on the salad. It was light and fresh tasting. 

I reheated the pizza in the oven for a few minutes. It crisped up nicely and was just as delicious as yesterday. The crust is delicious! Chewy and perfect. My only complaint is that I didn't have more slices leftover!

I sat outside with a magazine for about an hour. I was really loving it, when Abbey called me to see if I wanted to go on a run with her. Since my run this morning was only two miles, I agreed. We did a lap around my lake, about 2 miles. Due to our talking it flew by! After the run, I sat outside a little bit longer before taking a much needed shower. Even though I was only outside for 2.5 hours in the late afternoon sun, my skin feels tight and is a little red.  Just goes to show how strong the sun is, even in Minnesota!

I was feeling very hungry after my shower so I had about half a cup of plain, low fat yogurt with fresh pineapple at about 6 pm. I thought this would hold me until dinner but I was wrong! I checked my calorie count and realized I was pretty low, especially considering I worked out for almost 2 hours today. 

Around 7:30, I couldn't wait any longer. I needed something quick. I didn't feel like cooking either so I pulled a frozen meal out of the freezer. Trader Joe's Garden Vegetable Lasagne made with organic vegetables and organic wheat flour. This has been in my freezer for awhile because I prefer to eat fresh food as much as possible. However, I was hungry, needed something fast and this sounded good. It's actually a satisfying portion for 290 calories, but I didn't see too many veggies in it and it was a bit bland. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it was fine as a frozen meal. I also had a slice of hemp bread with a little bit of Earth balance spread. 

I almost ate another slice of toast with jam for dessert. But then I remembered we had these in the freezer. Skinny Cow's Skinny Pops- vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate. This was pretty good for 80 calories, but it left a weird "diet food" aftertaste. 

I wish I could have waited for my parents to have dinner. My mom made pasta and she knows how to make amazing pasta dishes. My mom's dinner would have been much more flavorful and nutritious. On the other hand, if I would have waited for them, I would have been crabby and most likely overeaten. 

It feels great to be back on track with eating and exercising today. Now, it's time to relax with ginger tea and maybe get some studying done. 


VeggieGirl said...

The weather cleared up here as well - always makes the day so much better, right? :0)

Apple Pie Larabar = definitely one of my top favorite flavors. Yum!

Ahh, hopefully tomorrow you can indulge in some home-cooking, to make up for tonight's dinner.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

romina said...

The first time I ate an apple pie larabar, time stopped.

ashley said...

You went on 2 runs? You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

that popsicle looks...yea...uh.

Cassie said...

hmmm apple pie larabars are the best! and that pizza looks yummy too! Great job on the workouts!

Anonymous said...

i love apple pie larabars, delish! i've been curious how the skinny cow popsicles were... i used to love the sandwiches!

romina - HAHA!

Monica said...

VG- I totally agree! The sun puts me in a great mood!

Romina- haha you are too cute, but I have to agree. I was in heaven eating this bar.

Ashley- I did go on two runs, but each run was only 2 miles. Usually I run around 5 miles!

Cassie- Thanks!!

Lindz- They arent bad! I like them because they are a nice light, portioned treat. They just have a lot of weird ingredients so I don't eat them all the time.