Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday Recap & Mother's Day Brunch

I apologize for not posting last night, but it was such a hectic day. I left my house at 11:30 in the morning and didn't get back home until 2 am. This morning I was up around 9:30, but I'm starting to feel tiredness creeping on.

Saturday Recap

Despite my late breakfast, I was starving on the way to my cousin's graduation. Thankfully, I always try to carry emergency snacks in my purse so I had a Clif Nectar cacao bar.

It's made from organic dates, organic walnuts, organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cocoa, and organic vanilla. These are SO good! I loved it. If you like dark chocolate, then you will love this bar. It did a great job of getting rid of my hunger and holding it for a few hours.

The ceremony was quick, only lasting about an hour and a half. It's a great accomplishment for anyone who graduates from college, but it is especially exciting for my cousin because he is from Mexico City. To come to another country and study at a university level, especially when English is not your native language, is an inspiring achievement.

After the ceremony we went to a "Mexican" restaurant for dinner. I was really hungry again by this point so I ate too many chips and salsa :( The worst part about it, is that the chips weren't even good. I definitely think they were store bought. We order pitchers of Sangria for the table. This Sangria was really good. I hate when you order Sangria and it is super sweet and you can't even taste the wine. You could actually taste the wine in this.

Red wine Sangria

I ordered the cilantro lime grilled fish tacos (mahi-mahi) with black beans, salsa, lettuce, and secret sauce in corn tortillas. They weren't bad but I wish I had asked what the secret sauce was before ordering because it was made out of sour cream. It was almost impossible to take it off so I just popped some enzyme pills. I also had a few bites of my parent's mint chip ice cream to "cleanse" my palate.

Around 8:30, I finally made it to my friend's birthday party for a few drinks and games. I wasn't in the mood to drink, so after one cocktail I stuck with water for the rest of the night. I had a piece of birthday cake too. We had many laughs playing card games and charades. I got home pretty late but it was great to see all my close friends.

Birthday girl

Mother's Day Brunch

My aunt and uncle live in Madison, Wisconsin which is about 4 hours away. So last night after the graduation they back to our house for the night. This morning my dad made brunch for everyone. I didn't want eggs with ham, so I attempted to make an egg white omelette with spinach, salsa, and soy cheese. Well my omelette stuck, so it turned into scrambled egg whites. Since I had already added the salsa, the eggs looked pink. Honestly, I was disgusted by the way it looked. I almost didn't eat it but I didn't want to be wasteful. It was hard to get past the looks, but it tasted alright. On my plate I also had whole grain toast, black beans, and fresh pineapple.

Last but not least, I made a Strawberry Shortcake this morning. This is my mom's favorite cake so I knew I had to make it for her today. This cake was devoured by the eight of us! I'll post the recipe in a separate post.

Strawberry Shortcake

I'm spending time with my mom this afternoon. We don't have much planned except for a long walk with Brody. I need to get an outdoor run in today but it's really windy outside so I might have to save it for tomorrow or run on the treadmill.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Mother's Day and enjoying time with their moms!


Becca said...

Congratulations to your cousin, that is quite an achievement! I loove the strawberry shortcake. Maybe I'll have to make that for my mom for a belated Mother's Day dessert to go along with her belated Mother's Day gift.

Monica said...

You should! I love that its not a heavy cake and for such a simple recipe, it's so good!

ashley said...

That is a huge accomplishment! When I hear stories like that, I feel bad for all of the times I slack off in school.

Don't you HATE when you scarf down stale chips just because you're hungry? I do that every time I go out and there's chips. They are just RIGHT THERE.

Your weekend looks so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Where do you live? I graduated from UW-Madison and I absolutely loved it!

Monica said...

Thanks for the sweet comments about my cousin!

Anonymous- I live in the Twin Cities (MN). What about you? One of my best friends went to Madison and we always had a great time when we went to visit her!