Monday, May 12, 2008

Better Start Looking!

My breakfast kept me full for over 4 hours! Since my stomach was content and I was busy, time passed quickly this morning. I glanced up and noticed it was almost 1! I wasn't hungry but I decided it would be smart to eat since it had been 4 hours.

I made a great sandwich last night to bring for lunch. I used healthy hemp bread to make a delicious roasted red pepper and veggie sandwich. This sandwich was especially good because I could taste a thick layer of hummus. I think it helped that I only added a little bit of baby spinach and broccoli slaw. I tend to over stuff sandwiches/wraps/tacos so sometimes the hummus gets lost with everything else. Not today.

I had some baby carrots and half of a grapefruit along the side to round out my lunch.

As a kid, I would always eat grapefruit the traditional way. Cut in half and sprinkled with sugar. I grew up in Texas so we always had plenty of Ruby Reds. Only recently have I gotten back into grapefruit. I love it now and can't get enough. I think I actually prefer it over oranges and other citrus. My favorite way to eat it is like an orange.

Big News

The office found a new receptionist! My last day is Thursday. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I am excited because that means my days will be free to work on my nutrition class, bake, read, exercise when I want, etc. But on the other hand, no job equals no income. I know I can still help my parents out at the sales office, but I need to find something else. It's hard because I want to start school full-time in the fall, so I don't want a full-time job. But all of the part-time, summer jobs are either in the food industry or retail. Eh, I wish I could find something in the nutrition field, but so far everything I've found requires a R.D. status. Guess I better start looking for a new job...


VeggieGirl said...

I love the healthy hemp bread products - the bagels are my favorite!

Best of luck on your new job search - I'm sure you'll find something great in no time!

loveofoats said...

i never ate a grapefruit like that, but it sounds like it might be less messy!

good luck on the job situation, hope you find something you are looking for & fast :)

ashley said...

I love hummus with good bread! Good luck with the job hunt!!

Monica said...

Thanks girls for the good luck wishes!