Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fresh Veggies

Hey guys. This post is going to be quick because I need to get back to studying. I'm on a good track right now and halfway through the lesson. 

I sipped on an iced coffee this morning while studying. Around 12:30 I went to the local grocery store's salad bar for lunch. My salad had spring mix, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, shredded carrots, green peppers, chickpea-green pea mix, artichokes and greek vinaigrette. 

I felt really full after only a few bites. Weird. I still finished the salad and the roll, but it took me awhile. It felt good to eat a big fresh salad. I haven't had fresh veggies in a few days!

The sky is a stunning shade of blue. I would love to be studying outside right now, but unfortunately the temperature hasn't reached 68 yet so it's a tad chilly. The weather is supposed to be nearing 80 this weekend so I'm not worried. 

I'm either going to a strength class at the gym or running outside. I'll have to see what I'm in the mood for when 4 o'clock rolls around. 

Have a good afternoon!


Kim said...

I just found your blog and looks great! Are you a student and work? Where/what do you work at now?

Do you typically buy bagged lettuce or cut your own fresh? The one in the picture looks great!

VeggieGirl said...

Salads are always super filling, since they're packed with high-volume foods. Looks delicious!!

Good luck studying!!

linds said...

Mmm big salads are awesome :) I kinda want yours... haha Good luck with the studying!

Lauren said...

Do you have a brand pita and tortilla that you recommend? Any tips on when you over stuff it how to eat it in a public venue?

Also, you seem to have great salad dressing combos- simple, yet sounds and look good. Do you think you could do a post or explain in the comments how you make salad dressings (how much oil, how much vinegar). For example, you used white balsamic, I have never even heard of it- does it taste the same as the dark. Do you think your mom would be willing to share her Italian dressing. I have been buying olive garden's (i love Italian that much), but it has hfcs, and it seems like alot of store bought ones have a lot of not so good extra chemicals in them. Thanks and sorry for such a long post and question! I love your blog by the way- you eat alot like me, meat and vegetarian meals!

Cassie said...

I love the feeling of eating a nice big fresh salad! I need to get one soon!

Monica said...

Kim- I'm so glad you like it! I graduated a year ago from college with a degree in psychology. After working for a year in the field, I realized I wanted to go back to school to eventually become a registered dietitian. I'm currently taking an independent learning class through the Univ. of Minnesota but I hope to start taking more courses in the fall. Right now I don't have a job but I am looking for one! I usually buy bagged and pre-washed lettuce. It's more expensive but more convenient. The one in the picture today is from a gourmet grocery store's salad bar.

VG & Linds- thanks!!

Lauren- Thank you so much for visiting the blog. It makes me happy to know others enjoy it! Lately I have been buying my pitas from Trader Joe's. My mom buys La Banderita brand corn tortillas. I don't really stick to any brands, I just make sure whatever I buy has as natural ingredients as possible, with the least amount of added ingredients. Oh and when I overstuff it, I just eat the filling on the side!

I am working on a recipe page that will include salad dressings, I should have it up tonight!