Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Wrap-Up

Today ended up being a lot busier than expected, hence the late post! As soon as I posted breakfast, my appetite came back. I was pretty hungry so I ate the other half of my banana from breakfast. 

Before heading to yoga, I stopped at the outdoor mall to get a present for an upcoming bachelorette party. Since I was still hungry, I bought an iced, skim latte from Starbucks. 

Yoga was great. I love this particular class at my gym because it's Vinyasa Style Yoga. For those who may not know, vinyasa style yoga is flowing class with breath synchronized movement. It's faster paced than the other fitness yoga class that's offered at my gym. My upper body always gets a fantastic workout during this 75 minute class. After class, I stopped to talk to one of the personal trainers. I didn't leave the gym until 1:45 so I was starving. Luckily, Chris called and hadn't eaten so we went to Chipotle. I had the vegetarian burrito bowl with rice, black beans, corn, medium salsa, guacamole, and lettuce. Usually, I only eat half of my bowl. I ate the whole bowl today since I was starving. We ate outside since it was so beautiful. 

Chris and I came back to my house and hung out for awhile. I gave him the Pistachio & White Chocolate Chunkies I baked for him yesterday. We each had 2. Sigh, my odd appetite has left me irritable, sluggish, and craving junk food. After vegging out for awhile, I wasn't feeling very motivated to run. I've been tired all day but I knew I had to run since I took yesterday off. I "forced" myself to run by dropping a car off for my sister at work. I had no choice but to run home. The distance is a little bit under 5 miles. Once I settled into running I felt good. It's the starting that's the hardest part. 

My appetite was gone after running. I was planning to make a smoothie to refuel, but my mom came home and started making dinner so I felt bad. Dinner was okay. My mom has been very busy with work so she's been coming home late and feeling uninspired to cook. Usually, I make dinner if I know she is running late. However, cooking didn't sound appealing tonight since I had no appetite. My mom threw together a chicken, peapod, and bean sprout stir fry. We also had the usual salad and mashed potatoes. 

I recorded Grey's Anatomy and wanted to watch it but I am pretty tired so I don't think I'm going to make it through the entire 2 hour season finale. Maybe I'll just watch a little bit... Goodnight!


Ashley said...

I definitely agree that starting to exercise is the hardest part. I always try to motivate myself thinking how good I will feel after the workout, but it is hard sometimes. Congrats on actually doing it though! I think the junk food thing might be a Chris thing, my boyfriend's name is Chris and he loves all bad types of food for you too hehe. I have been making him lunches lately from my fitness magazine and he actually likes them! I am so surprised. Those cookies sound really good though, I'll have to try them sometime. Have a great Friday/weekend!

Anonymous said...

that ice latte looks amazing! and OH MY GOSH... grey's finale = amazing!!!!!! sooo good

Anonymous said...

mmmm your chicken, peapod, and bean sprout stir fry dinner sounds creative and delicious! hope your appetite returns!

romina said...

That burrito bowl looks so yummy!

Monica said...

Ashley- Thinking about how good working out makes me feel is very motivating! That's awesome that your Chris likes the lunches you make him. Maybe there's hope for my Chris! Have a great weekend as well!

Em- I didn't get a chance to watch it yet but that's what I keep hearing. Ah I NEED to watch it! Tonight for sure!

Lindz- It was pretty good. My mom is a talented cook so pretty much anything she makes is yummy.

Romina- It is! I order the exact same thing every time!

Anonymous said...

chicken burrito bowl > *