Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Confession: I am addicted to cookies. Like really, really addicted. I love to bake them, eat them, drool over pictures/recipes and fantasize about making them. I check Baking Bites and Cookie Madness on a daily basis to feed my addiction. The other day, I came across this recipe. Bobby Flay is amazing, so I had been looking forward to trying this recipe ever since.

As much as I love baking, I like having a reason to bake so that I can share the final product with others. So when the baking bug hit, I decided to bake cookies to bring into work tomorrow.

I followed the recipe exactly but added chocolate chip and peanut butter chips to the batter. I also didn't want to make gigantic cookies, so I used a regular cookie scoop.

As I finished mixing the dough I realized this was going to make a cake-like cookie. Tasting the dough confirmed this. I don't know about you, but cakey cookies are not my thing. I like my cookies to be chewy and dense. Um hello, but do Bobby Flay's cookies look thick and cakey?

Here are my cakey cookies.

I was disappointed with the resulting cookie. I was honestly expecting an outstanding cookie. The kind of cookie you can't get enough of. Don't get me wrong, the cookies are good, but nothing special.


Anonymous said...

yo i like, send em this way

Becca said...

LOL, I check baking bites and cookie madness daily too! I haven't made cookies lately though...mainly muffins...hmm

linds said...

awww I find cakey cookies incredibly disappointing too :( better luck next time!