Monday, May 5, 2008

Bean & Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado

Wow, another winning recipe from EDBV. I have yet to try a recipe I did not like from Dreena. She is an amazing cook who knows what people like. This lasagna was no exception.

But before we get to dinner, I tried a new product this afternoon...

After work, I ran a couple of errands with my mom. It took longer than expected and we didn't get home until almost 7. On the way home I was starving. I was torn as to what to do because I knew I would be having dinner soon but I knew I needed something to hold me over. I remembered I had a Cashew Cookie Lara Bar in my purse. This was my first experience with a Lara Bar and I really liked it. Chewy and dense. The ingredients in this particular flavor are just cashews and dates, nothing else. I wanted to eat the whole thing but I didn't want to ruin my appetite so I only ate half.

This bar was great because I didn't get hungry again until dinner was ready. I'll definitely be buying more of these and trying new flavors.

Now, on to dinner!

As soon as I came home I ran into the kitchen and began prepping for the meal. I had been looking forward to this recipe all day to satisfy my craving for Mexican food. A big plus is that this lasagna can be assembled quickly and bakes in about 30 minutes.

The recipe calls for tomato sauce, onions and spices, but I used a jar of roasted tomato salsa from Trader Joe's. I mixed the salsa with chipotle sauce, garlic and black beans. In a shallow glass pan, I alternated layers of the salsa-black bean mixture with corn tortillas, avocado, corn, and lime juice. I finished with the other half of the salsa mixture and sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top. I decided real cheese would be the best to use since my mom and sister would be eating this lasagna. I didn't eat any of the cheese on my piece though. I covered the pan with aluminum foil and put it in a 400* oven. After 20 minutes, I uncovered the lasagna and let the cheese melt for another 7 minutes.

While the lasagna was baking, I had a glass of wine, an Argentinean Malbec. My friend Meghan gave me this HUGE wine glass for Christmas. I love wine, in case you haven't noticed ;)

We made a quick spring mix and tomato salad tossed with homemade Italian dressing.

The lasagna came out of the oven after about 25 minutes.

We cut this lasagna into 6 huge squares. I used a bigger pan than the recipe called for so the slices weren't too thick, yet my serving was really filling. I almost couldn't finish it...but it was delicious so I did. Oh I should mention, I scraped the cheese off my serving so I wouldn't have a stomachache tonight.

I was looking forward to dessert all day but my stomach is really full. My mind wants dessert but tonight I'm listening to my stomach, and it's full so no dessert for this girl. There's always tomorrow.


Becca said...

Wow, looks like an awesome cinco de mayo meal!

I love wine too, its usually what I have if I'm going to drink something alcoholic (definite exception tonight!)

Anonymous said...

your bar looks like it was in rough shape;((((((

Anonymous said...

good job listening to your stomach instead of your mind :) i am still struggling to do that w/ dessert foods - its tough!

that lasagna looks and sounds amazing ;)

Cassie said...

Your dinner looks great! I need to get that cookbook.... and so glad you enjoyed your first experience with larabar's! I can't get enough! And I can't believe you only ate half - that would have took a lot of willpower for me.

Monica said...

Becca, wine is my preferred drink of choice too. But I do love a margarita every now and then ;)

Chris- it wasn't in rough shape, I only ate half so the other half is empty. Thats why its wrinkled silly.

Lindz- I struggle with it everyday but I think it was easier last night since I was SO full.

Cassie- I wanted to eat the whole thing but I knew I wanted wine with dinner and I didn't want to get too full. Thinking about the lasagna made it easier to put the rest of the bar away.

Jason said...

Lasagna looks great but guessing the La Boca had a hard time doing it justice. I would have went for this Epicuro Aglianico.

Monica said...

Jason- Thanks for the suggestions, i'll have to try that one