Monday, April 14, 2008

Cold but Sunny Start

It's a cold start to the week, only 26 degrees out there! Of course, I'm not really surprised but the good news is it is sunny and going to be 55 later today. Tomorrow they are forecasting 70!!! I am planning on running outside later today to take advantage of the beautiful weather. 

This morning I made my usual bowl of oats: oats, cinnamon, banana, wheat germ, and almond butter. I was craving my oatmeal after a weekend without it! Sadly, they weren't as good as usual because I am out of non-dairy milk so the oats weren't as creamy. Along with a cup of coffee...

I hope to have a productive day ahead of me. I have to plan meals for the week this morning, then head to Sati Coffee to work on my nutrition course. I am planning on going for a run this afternoon in this beautiful weather and taking a strength training class at the gym. Today is a double workout because I didn't work out this weekend. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday. See ya'll for lunch. 

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