Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks for lunch, Trader Joe's

I have been busy working all morning long meal planning and various things. My breakfast did NOT hold me over very long this morning thanks to a lack of protein from hemp milk. Hm, guess I have to pick some up this afternoon. I ended up eating lunch at 12:30 and now I feel quite satisfied. I had a lot of fiber in this lunch so I need to let it digest before my run.

I heated up the last of my Butternut Squash soup leftover from last week. There was only about half of a cup of soup left but I added the Carrot Ginger soup from Trader Joe's that I used as a base for the soup. I topped it with a dollop of greek yogurt. The yogurt adds a really nice flavor to the soup because it balances the sweetness from the apples and honey in the soup base. With the soup, I had a TexMex veggie burger on a french roll. I picked up Dr. Praeger's Tex Mex Veggie burgers from Trader Joe's a couple of weeks ago. The ingredients are all natural and on the website it says "Where you recognize all the ingredients". The burgers have big chunks of vegetables so they tend to fall apart. Not really a "burger" taste though if that's what you are going for. Overall, I like them as a healthy, filling vegan option.

This isn't the most appealing picture but it tasted good! Oh, and as the title suggests, I am thanking Trader Joe's for this meal because I realized that my entire lunch came from Trader Joe's, including the greek yogurt and french rolls!

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