Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hemp Bliss?

I was hungry this morning when I got up so I made a bowl of oats right away. I made the usual banana-almond butter combination with soy milk. (Sorry for not having a picture, I am having issues uploading it.) My oats tasted much better this morning with the addition of soy milk, but I miss the creaminess the hemp milk adds. 

The thing is, Living Harvest Hemp Milk isn't available at my local grocery store. The nearest Whole Foods is about 25 minutes away so it's not exactly a quick trip. I did find another brand of hemp milk at my local gourmet grocery store: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Bliss. I am going to have to try this brand since I'm not going to be anywhere near Whole Foods this week. The nutritional info is different than the Living Harvest brand. Particularly important for me is that Manitoba has 2% DV for calcium, whereas Living Harvest has 46% DV! I guess it just means I should take a calcium supplement to make sure I'm meeting my daily calcium requirements! 

It's supposed to hit mid 60's today, with hazy sunshine and strong winds. I'm meeting with my running group tonight and it looks like we'll be able to run outside. I love running outside, it makes the run so much more enjoyable. Especially if the sun is shining :)

I need to hurry up and get going. I told my parents I would help them with accounting work for their company. Accounting isn't really my thing, but I need the money!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Thanks for the comment. It looks like you eat pretty healthy. I see a lot of Kashi stuff. I LOVE Kashi everything. I wish it were cheaper though.

I've never had Hemp milk, but I see Kath talk about it all the time. Does it taste like soy milk?

Have a great day!

Monica said...

I love Kashi too! I am addicted to the granola bars.

Hemp milk tastes better than soy milk in my opinion. It's creamier. To be honest, I don't really drink any type of milk straight from a glass. I use it more for oatmeal, cereal, smoothies, etc. But I have tried hemp by itself and I prefer it over soy.