Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PB Granola and Banana Oatmeal

From the moment I found out Peanut Butter granola existed, I have been wanting to try it. The only problem is that I can't find it at the grocery stores near my house. I love Whole Foods but the closest one to me is about 20 minutes away. I was spoiled during college when I lived close enough to walk there. Anyways, my office is somewhat in the area so yesterday, I stopped at WF on my way home and found the PB granola! Yay, so exciting! By the way, I picked up several "new" products that I can't wait to try, so watch for those reviews in the coming days.

I knew I wanted Peanut Butter granola for breakfast this morning, but I wasn't sure how to prepare it. I don't think it would keep me full as long as oatmeal so I decided to use the granola as a topping. I prepared a serving of oats with almond milk, half a banana, cinnamon, and a tablespoon on peanut butter. On top, I sprinkled half a serving of the granola.

Delicious, creamy, peanutty goodness.

It is another gorgeous day. I really hope I can spend time outdoors today.


VeggieGirl said...

Sounds like you definitely served up the PB granola right! Hope it keeps you fueled throughout your morning!

Definitely take advantage of the beautiful weather conditions - don't spend all day inside! :0)

linds said...

What a great idea, that looks really good!

I definitely found that the larabars filled me up- I think it's because they have a fairly high fat content from the nuts (12g) and also a decent amount of protein (5g). Let me know if you try one! (My fave is soooo cocoa coconut!!)

Melissa said...

Yum - PB Granola sounds delish! Do you know what brand it is? We don't have a Whole Foods here, but maybe they have it other places.

Monica said...

Veggiegirl- The PB granola worked wonders! I wasn't hungry for 4.5 hours! I hope the sun is shining where you are too :)

Linds- thanks for the info, i will definitely pick one up next time I am in the grocery store. yum...sooo cocoa coconut sounds delicious.

Melissa- the brand is nature's path. i've seen some of their other granola in regular stores but the pb is harder to find. good luck!