Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday, again

I can't believe it's already Monday. The weekends just fly by!

On a whim, I accompanied my family to the lovely South Dakota this weekend to watch my sister play in a soccer tournament. It was my first time in SD and I was pleasantly surprised to find Sioux Falls had all the amenities of a big city. To be honest, I thought it was going to a lot less civilizied. That's not to say that right outside of the city weren't endless corn fields and farms. In fact here's proof:

We drove around for 20 minutes trying to find the soccer fields. We came upon the spot that was supposedly the address, but we all thought, no way are these the fields. Much to our surprise these were the fields. If you can't tell that is a row of cows in the background. It was pretty funny. It was a fun weekend and I'm glad I was able to spend time with my family. Life is so hectic these days that it's nice to slow down once in awhile.

On the way home, we stopped in St. Peter, MN to have dinner with my brother. He's in college and doesn't come very often so it was great to see him. We didn't get home until 11 pm. It was SO hard getting out of bed this morning. Even the thought of breakfast and a cup of coffee couldn't get me up! When I finally made it upstairs I decided I wanted something light. Foodwise, the weekend wasn't terrible, but I did have my fair share of treats and splurges. Today I am having a "detox" day. When I say detox, I just mean lots of fruit and veggies, whole foods, and no dairy. I also drink one of my moms "cleansing" shakes. This is basically just a protein powder with a lot of vitamins and minerals and amino acids. Personally, I think you can get the same effect by just eating organic, whole foods but my mom has really found that these shakes make her feel great.

For the sake of convenience and a portable breakfast, I made a shake this morning using the all natural vanilla protein powder, half a banana, and frozen strawberries. It has a lot of protein but I'm not sure how long this will hold me so I brought oatmeal for later on.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday morning!


Melissa said...

Hey Monica!
Wow, your SD post was funny because when I go home to visit my parents, it looks a lot like that! They live on a farm, as do ALL of their neighbors so it's fields and cows everywhere :)

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your "about me" posts and your food philosophy! It was like I was reading about myself the whole time! I do still battle with "beating myself up" after small indulgences....but am slowly getting better. SO much of this is mental, it's crazy! Joining WW 5 years ago was one of the best things I've done because it helped me lose the weight I lost in college, but it made me obsessed with food! However now I'm trying to steer that obsession in a positive direction :)

ashley said...

That field is so funny! I bet the cows added extra entertainment?

And I know what you mean about needing a "detox" day sometimes. My body has become much more responsive when I don't eat right for a while.

And keep the pictures coming- they're so much fun!

VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, I hear ya - the weekends just disappear, and Monday comes far too soon!!

Wow, sounds like a fun, "on a whim" trip to South Dakota that you had!

That smoothie looks fabulous!! I make smoothies every single day (and my family enjoys them as frequently as I do, as well).

Monica said...

Melissa- I think if you live in the Midwest, you're never too far away from farms and cows! That's really neat that your parents live on a farm. I agree that so much of our relationship with food is mental. It's extremely difficult to break obsessive thoughts because you can't just "turn" them off. It's a challenge I face everyday! I'm glad you are moving in the positive direction now.

Ashley-everyone had a good laugh about the cows! I'm glad you like the pictures!

Veggiegirl- I'm curious what kind of smoothies you like? sometimes I get in a smoothie rut and feel like i'm always drinking the same thing.