Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh My Tropical Goodness

Lately I have been eating a lot of coconut. It makes me feel like I should be on a beach in Mexico. Too bad the weather today is far from tropical. I had my usual banana-almond butter oats for breakfast today but I wanted to post this breakfast from last week. I made a banana oatmeal pancake and topped it with half of a mashed banana, toasted coconut, and little bit of agave nectar. It was so simple yet delicious. Toasting the coconut really brought out the flavor. I might have to make this breakfast tomorrow because now I am craving it.

Meet the love of my life, Brody. Isn't he the cutest? I will be the first to admit he is spoiled rotten, but with those eyes, is it any surprise?

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Simple and Divine said...

OMG...Brody!! He and my Buddha should be friends :) They'd be quite the P.I.C.'s. Buddha's about 55 pounds more than Brody and has Black hair! Perfect! :)