Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where did April go?

Whoa this month has flown by. In general, I feel like this last year has disappeared right before my eyes. Nonetheless, I'm happy it's the last day of April because maybe now we'll have nicer weather. I'll gladly be done with rain/snow/cold.

This morning I changed up my usual oatmeal breakfast. I woke up still full from last night's dinner so I didn't want anything too heavy. I decided on a yogurt granola parfait. Basically, I layered a cup of lowfat plain yogurt, 1/2 cup peanut butter granola, and a sliced banana in a bowl. This breakfast had about the same amount of calories as my usual oats, about 400, but since it doesn't have as much volume I thought I would need a mid-morning snack. Suprisingly, the granola-yogurt combo kept me full until I had my lunch at 1. It must have been the right ratio of carbs-protein-fat. Love it when that happens!

I bought a veggie-hummus wrap for lunch. It was pretty good but I wish it had more hummus, I couldn't really taste it.

I also had a large cold press coffee with a splash of milk.

I brought an apple but I'm satisfied right now so I'll probably have that as a snack this afternoon IF I need it. But I might not because...

Today is my dad's 50th birthday! (Happy Birthday Dad!) So that means, this afternoon is going to be filled with lots of cake. We are having marble cake here at the office, and then carrot cake at home. I never turn down cake ;)

*EDIT* I did have the apple at around 4 because I was getting hungry and I thought it would prevent me from overeating didn't work.


VeggieGirl said...

I was thinking the same thing earlier - I cannot believe that May will start tomorrow!! Yikes!! Time flys by far too quickly...

Happy birthday to your dad!!!! Half a century old :0D

Becca said...

*Sniff* Caribou Coffee, how I miss it!